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Chris and Rachel's Fairytale Wedding


On the morning of August 5, 2017 I woke up and could sense something special. The excitement was almost palpable. Chris handed me an envelope and told me to get dressed because my best friend was on her way. The letter enclosed had a riddle leading me to a painting with another letter behind it. In the letter was a riddle sending me for coffee. My best friend showed up and off we went. Each of the following locations had letters waiting for me with riddles sending me to the next. These locations included a makeover, hair stylist, where he first sang for me, where we met, where he told me that he loves me and then to a park near a pond where Chris got down on one knee in the rain and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes and then our family came out from around the corner and celebrated with us.


Immediately after our engagement we started getting ideas for our big day. We needed it to be unique just like us. We wanted something non-traditional, small and intimate but lots of fun. We went online and looked at some destination weddings. We stumbled upon a couple venues in New Orleans and instantly fell in love with the city. Feeling a little overwhelmed being over 2000 miles away, we started contacting wedding planners. We found PK Events and didn’t have to worry about a thing from then on! All we had to do was respond to a few emails and show up. Our perfect day would not have been possible without PK Events. They certainly were our fairy godmothers in our most magical day. My mother was also a huge help and we couldn’t have done it without her.


We arrived in New Orleans a few days before the wedding and instantly felt right at home as we toured the city. Of course the only day that it rained was our wedding day. However, anytime that we needed to go outside the rain would stop and the sky would be clear and blue. I lost my dad very suddenly about five years ago so my husband suggested that we have the wedding on his birthday to make it that much more special. I have never felt so sure or confident than I did on my wedding day. We had a couple hiccups that were laughed off and with the help of our wedding planners the day was a dream. We could barely see our vows through the tears as we made promises to each other and to our kids. After a very emotional ceremony we lightened the mood with the lovey second line band. After a delicious dinner, cake, and a couple of dances, we tucked our kids into bed then took the ferry over to the French Quarter to celebrate!


As for our honeymoon, we don’t have one planned yet. However, we hope to plan one very soon! We also certainly plan to visit New Orleans every year for our anniversary or any other special occasion.



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Compass Point Events


Compass Point Events

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