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Why Elope?

We have couples call us all of the time excited about the opportunity to elope in New Orleans. They are often seeking advice on the most beautiful location in New Orleans to Elope. We love the opportunity each time we marry our couples as they are at ease and stress free.

Here are the reasons why most of our couples elope:

Save Money!!!

Often the number one reason to elope is financial. Affordable Weddings are hard to accomplish once all of the family gets a hold of that guest list. No one wants to fork out what can be the equivalent of a house deposit, for only one day in their lives. This is especially true for couples who have been living together, already share a child or are not on their first marriage. Eloping seems like a romantic and financially responsible option.

Stress Free...

Avoid stress and escape drama. Planning a wedding is often stressful and creates anxiety as the couple seeks to make everyone in the extended family happy and meet everyone’s needs. Allow a local expert to connect you to the best, most affordable vendors and handle all of the details for you..

Just the Two of Us.

Time for Just the Two of You Focus on each other. Eloping can feel like re-prioritizing back to the couple's relationship and their wishes for the core part of the process of getting married, which is to stand together and promise to love and honor one another. When it's just you, the vows you say are for only you and they are truly emotionally examined.

Make it the Backdrop you always wanted...

Have you always wanted to get married on the beach? In the mountains? In New Orleans? Well, it will now probably be easier to afford your dream ceremony in a beautiful place if you don't have to pay for dozens upon dozens upon dozens of people's food and beverages, flowers, and more.

Elopements are just as beautiful as any large ceremony. In fact, we find most of our couples exude radiance as they share in this most important moment, just the two of them.

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