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Lyndsey & Martin: Butterflies in the Sky

On September 29th, we had the pleasure of planning the wedding of Lyndsey to Martin, on a beautiful New Orleans day, right outside of Jackson Square.

Lyndsey was a beautiful bride in both appearance and heart, and had read a story that if you told a wish or a prayer to a butterfly and released it on your wedding day, the butterfly would bring your wish or prayer to heaven!

Of course, when we found out about Lyndsey's idea, we knew that we had to do absolutely everything we could to make her dreams ( and wishes ) come true!

We ordered 2 dozen Monarch butterflies from SwallowTail Farms, and the butterflies arrived within 2 days. This is where the fun began, because they arrived a day early -- so Patricia was to host the butterflies until it was time for the wedding!

If you've ever wondered exactly what lengths we at PK Events will go to for you, to make sure that your big event or special day is the best ever, you need only to look at the way Patricia looked after these butterflies.

When the butterflies arrive, typically they come in envelopes inside a refrigerated box, and when it's time for the celebration you transfer them to the organza box for release. Patricia could have very easily left them inside their box until the wedding day, but she was committed to making sure that they had a VIP New Orleans experience:

First, she put them inside her fridge, at home.

Next, she made sure they were comfortable.

She added a baby monitor so she could listen to & check on them.

She played music through the monitor so that they would feel more at home (if you're wondering what the genre was, she chose "nature sounds", because of course, that's what butterflies like).

She was with them every step of the way.

When the big day came, Patricia lovingly released each butterfly from it's envelope into the organza box, and gave them a pep talk to make sure they would fly. If you saw a lady inside the bathroom talking to butterflies that day, this is what was happening!

When all of the butterflies were ready to go, it was showtime!

Lyndsey and Martin were married outdoors in a beautiful ceremony,

And when it was time, they released the butterflies! Every single one flew, so they have dozens of wishes that will come true!

After the wedding it was time for celebratory drinks at the Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone!

We're so honored that we got a chance to work with Lyndsey and Martin, and that their special day turned out so beautifully! If anyone else wants to work with butterflies, you know that we're the events company for you! Patricia is now affectionately known as "the butterfly whisperer"

for your I Dos & Big Days,

PK Events


Bride & Groom: Lyndsey & Martin

Photography: Marcia Ibay Grover of Ibay Photography

Wedding Planners: Patricia & Kristen of PK Events NOLA

Floral: Kimberly Quinvilan

Additional Locations: The Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone & Dickie Brennan's Tableau

** PK Events, Ibay Photography, Kimberly Quinvilan, and Dickie Brennan's Tableau are proud to be members of the BeNolaWed network **

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