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The Tree of Life: Kaitlyn & Daniel

The Tree of Life is a famous tree located in New Orleans that's a become a favorite of both tourists and locals in the several hundred years its been in existence. Thought to be approximately 500 years old, the tree is officially named the Étienne de Boray Oak, named for the first mayor of New Orleans. de Boray was a sugarcane plantation owner, and he's one of the first men who officially brought the crop to New Orleans. The oak tree was on his property, and therefore, carried his name.

No one really knows how the Tree of Life got its nickname, but there are a couple of different theories. For one, the tree is adjacent to a wall of the Audubon Zoo, so if you climb its branches all the way to the top (not recommended by us) -- it's thought that you can see whatever animals reside on the other side of the wall. At this time, it's where the giraffes are housed.

The Tree of Life is also a favorite in the lives of many, from the time they are children climbing on its many twisting branches (that hang extremely low to the ground), to the time they're older and witnessing many sacred events here, like weddings.

Kaitlyn and Daniel knew it would be the perfect place to celebrate their vows to each other, and host their wedding ceremony. The climbable branches are absolutely perfect for wedding photos. We absolutely loved this adorable couple, and you could feel the energy from each of them, us, and the beautiful Tree of Life.

To reach the Tree of Life, travel on East Drive away from the river, and the tree is located where Annunciation Street ends.

For more information on the Tree of Life, or to schedule wedding photos or a wedding ceremony there, contact us. You can also contact us for questions about other New Orleans or Louisiana area venues.

- Patricia & Kristen

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